Review of ‘European Medieval Tactics (1)’ (Osprey)

Paul Le Long reviews an Osprey on early medieval tactics in Europe.

It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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2 Responses to Review of ‘European Medieval Tactics (1)’ (Osprey)

  1. Mike Crane says:

    I would like to thank Paul Le Long publicly for his Ospreys at a Glance articles. They are exactly that. His remarks about the books at the end of the articles are much appreciated. In an email a few weeks ago Paul mentioned how much he enjoyed Rob Morgan’s longer reviews. Frankly, I have enjoyed them too. I always learn something from Rob’s articles. And while I am throwing roses, I would also like to thank Jon Aird for writing articles about games from every genre–sci fi, fantasy, etc. Other people have written excellent articles as well, but these three fellows have really been carrying the writing load. Also, kudos go to the blog manager, George Arnold, without whom the Blog would not be the great resource that it is today.

  2. JAird says:

    Appreciate the appreciation ! To be honest – once you’ve started it becomes a bit of a habit (I think Bob Corderey says something similar in his article on blogging in this month’s Miniature Wargames).

    But I would also add to your salute to George Arnold for…well pulling this all together. It’s a real achievement in my humble opinion.

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