Review of naval set from GW

Some ideas for using a set of naval miniatures from Games Workshop. It’s on the Reviews page.

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  1. JAird says:

    Have to agree that it is more than odd that GW are running Dreadfleet as a limited run release. There’s been lots of good positive stuff said about it, which I’m hoping is true (my set will arrive in 5 days – Father Christmas willing !) .

    They did the same with The Battle of the Five Armies a few years back, I don’t think anyone could really believe that GW would put out what looked like a 10mm “epic LOTR fantasy starter set” and then just leave it at the original release (they may have sold the sprues separately for a while, I can’t recall) . It cried out for expansion sets, none came. Dreadfleet looks the same – but the GW store people tell me “no, it’s a one off complete game”. Very strange.

    • George Arnold says:

      (Rob Morgan submits the following):

      Having just read J. Aird’s response to my notes on the new Games Workshop release ‘Dreadfleet’ it reminds me that of course this company has altered its sales policy drastically from earlier (and arguably much more successful) years.

      At one time a decade ago perhaps, there was a substantial GW mail order catalogue containing not only a vast amount of material for the ‘fantasy’ modeller and wargamer but for others too.

      I bought, and at reasonable prices, certainly comparable with any other UK manufactuerer I know of, a large number of medieval cannon, bombards and engines from GW. The company remains unique in having produced a 28mm scale milimette gun (c.1326) on a stand. This is one of the finest ordnance models I’ve ever bought, but like the rest of the catalogue is history, possibly dust now.

      A sad reflection on what is after all to most young wargamers the High Street face of the hobby.

      — Rob

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