Review of ‘The Defence of Duffer’s Drift’ book

Mike Crane sings the praises of a a short “how-to” book on tactics, written in the early 20th century and still used as a teaching tool today. It’s on the Reviews page.

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  1. Lone Wolf Warrior says:

    An excellent little volume full of iformation. For anybody who want’s a PDF version of it this will provide…/Drift.pdf

  2. Lone Wolf Warrior says:

    I will post that again complete this time.

    sorry guys.



    • Chris Hahn says:

      Digging Up Duffer’s Drift

      While rummaging through some storage boxes today, I happened across the July 1997 issue of Wargames Illustrated.
      On page 51, Adam O’Brien offers a brief synopsis of the military fable, providing notes about the construct of the game, terrain, victory conditions, and so forth.
      Though I have not read the book, and have no expert knowledge of the Boer War (I do think that BREAKER MORANT is one of the best movies I’ve seen, however), I am toying with the idea of getting out my copy of THE SWORD AND THE FLAME, and seeing what could be done . . .


  3. Jeff Chorney says:

    Hey Graham,

    Thanks for posting the link, as I am play testing Hill of Doves this little article will inspire me to attack the nasty little Boer’s. Hey Chris … I noticed your reply to the latest issue no. 178 and that you might get back into Colonials? Good for you !!! “May your gatling guns never jam.”

  4. Lone Wolf Warrior says:


    I second your comment regarding Colonials, especially if you use TSATF. The diversity of all of Queen Victorias Small Wars alone can keep you going for years. I too hope the gatling guns never jam [only the native ones do in TSATF never the British unless you want to put in a house rule of course].



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