Review of ‘The Model Soldier Guide’

Rich Barbuto reviews a 1965 classic about building and painting some fine model soldiers of the time.

It’s on the Reviews page.

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  1. George Arnold says:

    Rich, I remember these figures well. At the time I discovered that you could use toy soldiers to play an actual game with dice and a ruler, I was aware only of some 54mm figures, such as I-R. I got a catalogue from a place called the Soldier Shop in New York that listed many of the ACW I-R figures. If I recall correctly, a single infantry figure back in those days cost $6 US. Way beyond my budget. Luckily, I soon came across the old Airfix boxes of 48 figures or so for $2 and mass armies suddenly became affordable for me.

    It appears that the I-R figures are still available on-line. (With ACW infantry now going for $17 each.) Here’s a link:

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