Review of Zombie pirates figures

Jonathan Aird likes a new set of Zombie pirate figures from MARS.

His review is on the Reviews page.

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  1. Paul Le Long says:

    do you have the first set Jonathan? I’d be interested to see a review of that too if you have it. Great set of figures these – thanks for the review.

    • JAird says:

      I certainly do have the first set Paul – and I’d be happy to do a review of them – try and do it this week if I can find the time (and find the figures!). Luckily they aren’t painted yet (!).

  2. Mike Crane says:

    Excellent review, Jon! The pictures were especially good. I can hardly wait for the review of the first group of zombies.

  3. George Arnold says:

    ((From Rob Morgan))

    The sort of Pirates of the Caribbean set mentioned here doesn’t really
    interest me; though I do have a 15mm Peter Pig pirate set up and a flotilla or
    two of suitable sea roving ships. However, the mention of a Mermaid, or was it
    4 of them, intrigued me.

    This figure has potential. As a single Siren in Ancient galley warfare, luring
    ships to the rocks, or perhaps in another scenario, becoming a school of lady
    fish to protect a particular vessel.

    Or act as a chance meeting on a voyage, with options from destruction to
    capture or positive assistance. The tails could be very useful as substantial
    fish obviously, and the mermaid halves cut to different sizes to show levels of

    Mermaids were believed in at sea until modern times of course.

    To my mind this could be the most useful figure in the pack!

    — Rob

  4. Mike Crane says:

    I have never thought of Greek nymphs, or the Sirens, as being mermaids before but after reading Rob’s comments I thought, “Why not?” Solo gamers are free to use any figure they please in a fantasy or mythological scenario.

    Rob’s idea carries the use of mermaids from ancient days to relatively modern times and he gives several logical ideas for their use in different scenarios. When I first read Jon’s article I immediately dismissed the idea of using the mermaids altogether but they may prove to be the most important figures in the set. Thanks for the ideas, Rob.

    • JAird says:

      Great ideas ! I’ll take a little convincing that they’ll be the most useful figure (I reckon that the Deep One is the star of the set!), but yes there’s clearly more to them just a base of “Lurkers”. I like the idea of cutting off the tails to show a base of surfaced and diving mermaids/sirens. Maybe add a hoop of body made from milliput, or similar, arching out of the water between the splashing tail and the rearing head to represent some sort of grotesque demonic sea serpent. Ok, maybe it is a useful figure after all!

      A word of caution though – as they are zombie mermaids they are, like the other male zombies, quite ugly.

  5. Paul Le Long says:

    The Deep One also gets my vote as star of the show. Rebel Minis (I think it’s them) do a whole range of Deep Ones and other Cthulhu types in 15mm…..

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