Royal Armouries and The Home Guard

By Rob Morgan

 The Royal Armouries books and booklets are always sumptuously produced and a joy to read and own, but they can be expensive. News that they are to issue several of their publications electronically and at a very reasonable price is good news, as soon as we’re all out of this little difficulty, that is.

For only £4 each, there are three valuable wartime c.1940 booklets to become available:

  • House to House Fighting
  • The Defence of Houses
  • The Art of Prowling

All would seem to be of interest to anyone with a mind to wargame the possibilities of Operation Sealion, or maybe “The Eagle Has Landed.”  The author was Colonel Wade MC, a Home Guard officer, who is described as the author of “The Defence of Bloodford Village,” of which I’d never heard, but I assume is a book on tactics and weaponry of the time.

I’ll look into the Colonel’s writings a little further, I think it may prove interesting.

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