By Jim Rohrer

Wikipedia, my favorite source on anything, has an article on man-to-man wargaming, aka skirmish wargaming. The history of this style and also the difficulties in game design are interesting.

Reading this motivated me to google best skirmish games and i found some but after examining the descriptions I had to wonder why anyone would pay $50 for something when existing rule sets can be applied to any scenario if you are creative about modifications. It does not matter whether your soldiers are mechs, orcs, or knights in armor; just adjust the points and play! That is more fun than buying canned rules anyway.

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As a semi-retired professor, I have time to indulge myself with hobbies. Solo wargaming with 54mm figures using One Hour Wargame (OHW) rules and an expanded card deck is my style of play.
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3 Responses to Skirmishing

  1. Peter R. Barkworth says:

    Hello Jim,

    I would say wargaming can be as cheap or as expensive as a person wants it to be. There are plenty of rules which are free out on the web – skirmish and other types.


    You can even download TSR’s “Chainmail” for free (it costs many pound/dollars on ebay). There some good one-to-one medieval skirmish rules in that.

    Also many old magazines have free rules in them and can be picked up cheap e.g. Practical Wargamer, Wargame Illustrated, Miniature Wargames and MWAN. Some old wargaming books possess rules too and can be picked up for a pound or two.

    Finally, some rules can be cheap on ebay – though some can be ridiculously priced too; it’s just a matter of searching and enjoying bargain hunting.


  2. Scott Hansen says:

    Hi Jim,

    I agree with you that most $50 rulebooks cost too much money. I think people buy them because they like the illustrations of painted figures, something that is “pre-made” and a ruleset that will be known if a game master uses a published ruleset to run at a convention.

  3. Peter R. Barkworth says:

    A little update here about cheap rules. Electronic copies of the American magazine MWAN (now defunct) can be purchased from Wargames Vault:-


    Many editions have complete rule sets on all sorts of periods.

    Most editions cost just $3.00. They look very interesting. Also I note there are articles in them by R. Barbuto, Scott Hansen, Chris Hahn, George Knapp, the late Stuart Asquith and late Donald Featherstone.

    It seems rather like an American version of “Practical Wargamer.”

    I hope this is useful.

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