Something in ‘The Artilleryman’ magazine

By Rob Morgan

The Artilleryman, the US artillery publication now based in Georgia, carries a great deal of material useful to the American Civil War gamer and enthusiast. They also publish Civil War News incidentally. The Spring 2016 issue of the ordnance title includes several interesting pieces on CSS Virginia, on case shot, and several surviving guns from that war. One I enjoyed was a nine-page colour illustrated ‘step-by-step’ account of Confederate cannon drill during the ACW. It’s an eye-opener; the complexity of actually firing a piece in action is well worth examining, in terms of the detail of wargames rules alone. Close to this is a splendid collection of contemporary photographs of the 5th Ohio Cavalry in action with a 12pd. Mountain Howitzer.

Web site is at:

Well worth looking at!

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