Uboot kickstarter

By Kevin Duke

Are you following the UBOOT: The Boardgame kickstarter?

It looks like a real a “deep dive” into the tactics and operations of the U-boats in early World War 2. This cooperative game puts 1-4 players in key crew positions of “das Boot” as they try to complete a series of missions. They assume the roles of the Captain, the First Officer, the Navigator, and the Chief Engineer, each manning a “team” of workers and handling distinct responsibilities.

The game integrates with a companion App, providing real-time, realistic gameplay experience, sound effects, and managing the world that the U-boat lives in and fights against.  Lots of great free stretch goals make this a terrific deal!

Combining board game and app, this is truly an “immersion experience,’ with streamlined rules, video tutorials, and variable degrees of difficulty.


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