Uboot kickstarter

By Kevin Duke

Are you following the UBOOT: The Boardgame kickstarter?

It looks like a real a “deep dive” into the tactics and operations of the U-boats in early World War 2. This cooperative game puts 1-4 players in key crew positions of “das Boot” as they try to complete a series of missions. They assume the roles of the Captain, the First Officer, the Navigator, and the Chief Engineer, each manning a “team” of workers and handling distinct responsibilities.

The game integrates with a companion App, providing real-time, realistic gameplay experience, sound effects, and managing the world that the U-boat lives in and fights against.  Lots of great free stretch goals make this a terrific deal!

Combining board game and app, this is truly an “immersion experience,’ with streamlined rules, video tutorials, and variable degrees of difficulty.


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2 Responses to Uboot kickstarter

  1. David Allen says:

    It looks amazing. So many games. So little time.

  2. George Arnold says:

    ((Rob Morgan submits the following.))

    This four-player game, though interesting as a game in itself, also brings something for the solo wargamer. A recently advertised 1/72nd scale U-Boat model — I presume it’s a Type VII of some sort — has potential on the table top in all sorts of wargames. Having read this early notification, I looked for reviews on YouTube and asked other naval-inclined wargamers about it. No one in my circle seems to have invested in it, and so I haven’t actually laid hands on the model or the figures and guns as yet.
    However, there does appear to be a significant number of ways that a skeleton U-Boat, with compartment, conning tower, and deck weapons could be used in a game. The figures look active and the deck guns could be replaced with additional flak weapons for a late-war game.
    The U-Boat could be used for landing saboteurs or agents, it could be one of the (alleged) submarines sent to operate in the Antarctic in the Nazi Operation Haunebu; or an interned craft which the Allies needed to destroy; or from which some Enigma material could be captured. Or used in conjunction with divers, say Italian frogmen. A secretive operation seems the best potential for a solo game, the need to use the flak or forward ‘88’ in defence might make for a rather brief encounter! The U-Boat model is probably best used as a base, rather than a fighting warship firing her tubes, but admittedly this is just one or two pensees. I haven’t thought the true capability of the submarine out as yet. What about a fight aboard the boat, over an item of cargo, between crewmen and raiders, possibly? Ian Fleming’s World War II idea of seizing Enigma materials using a captured seaplane might fit in nicely here.
    The splendid little U-Boat need not actually be in the hands of the Kriegsmarine, of course. As a hint of let’s say the ‘Cold War’ possibilities, the USSR, Norway, Britain, France, Poland, East Germany, West Germany, Spain and the USA all acquired U-Boats at the war’s end. I wonder what they did with them?
    I find myself thinking of the very good U-Boat crew figures in the Revell 1/72nd German Navy set, and the rare ‘Panzers vs Tanks’ range of very hard plastic figures in that scale too. These would bulk up the set’s figures nicely. In terms of divers, the Atlantic pack 110 of Divers includes several swimming figures, a rubber raft, and a human torpedo. There’s also a good rubber raft to land your agents from in the Revell German Engineers set, and some rather unusual 1/72nd figures appear in the Odears manufactured ‘Operation Antarctica’ set. Might be useful for clandestine passengers. Or a shore installation command group. I was tempted to put an Airfix Afrika Korps Rommel figure aboard as a potential target.
    Tethered sea-mines are easy enough to make, and base on wire, as indeed would be an anti-submarine net. Jetties again, no real problem; nor huts or a pill box, shore flak or even dock gates. Since this is 1/72nd there’s plenty in Lineside and other kit ranges to suit. While the smaller 1/72nd model ships around would also fit in, basing might be more of a problem for say a landing craft or MTB or launch.
    Just a few thoughts. The box wargame’s probably equally good, and I notice that there are several solo options to be found discussed on YouTube.

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