What are three of your favorite blogs or sites?

I spend a lot of time reading through wargaming blogs and sites on the computer. Here are the addresses of two wargaming blogs and a newsletter that I—and apparently many others—read regularly. There are other blogs that are colorful and clever, but these are the blogs that appeal most to me. They are “bread and butter” blogs that deal with different topics arising from the personal wargaming experiences of the writers, Bob Cordery and David Crook. The third address is for a newsletter representing a journal that presents naval articles, an area I find to be very interesting.


Other than Lone Warrior’s blog, what are three of your favorite wargaming blogs and sites at this time? Briefly explain why. I would like to check them out.

About mike crane

I am a retired high school teacher living in Texarkana, Arkansas, USA. Although I enjoy wargaming in all periods, my favorite eras are WWII, Colonial, ACW, and Napoleonic. I enjoy making rules that are simple, fast, and fun.
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  1. Kishember says:

    I can recommend the Battle for Wesnoth, a solo game series for the home computer. This is their website: http://www.wesnoth.org/
    Its advantage is that it is free to download and has very good strategic puzzles, and that it is playable on Linux, MacOS, not just Windoze. Under constant updating with new versions, has a forum, and is well worth trying.

    A good general Play-by-mail/email website can be found here:

    Otherwise, nothing approaching genuine solos that I know of, other than LW.

    The problem with D-and-D and Mass Multiple Online games (MMOs) is that they are mostly about hack and slay, killing monsters and such. Its a matter of finding an MMO that makes provision for quests and other dimensions like trade. But that is all adapting to the MMOs, its not genuinely solo to my mind.

  2. Alex says:

    There are two blogs I check out regularly.
    One is Solo Nexus, http://solonexus.blogspot.com and there you can find all that we, solo gamers, can do for us, solo gamers 🙂
    The other one is Risus Monkey, http://www.risusmonkey.com it is not a strictly solo blog, but Tim has some terrific ideas that everyone can use…

  3. George Arnold says:

    Mike, I like the wargames miscellany site too. There are lots of gaming ideas, pretty much on a daily basis, from the gentlemanly Bob Cordery. He has also started up a separate web site devoted to his “Portable Wargame” rules, which he developed over the last few months on the miscellany blog. The Portable Wargame rules are hex-based and have lots of potential for solo gaming:


    I’m also partial to the Warrior Kings rules. Their message board itself is pretty much dead in the water these days, but the board’s Files section contains a lot of material of particular interest to soloists, since the rules are so good for solo gaming. The Files section contains the latest version of the rules by John P. Kelly (lots of chrome, but easy to play), including campaign rules; along with the original rules from Two-Hour Wargames (much simpler, but with the same basic Reaction Tables that make the system work so well for a solo player); and plenty of other stuff, like WK army lists, with a random method of choosing up your armies; and other rules, such as Napoleonics and Mexican-American War. All are free downloads. A great resource:


    Then there’s a site devoted to working up a solo version of De Bellis Antiquitatis. This site is also running slow these days, as there’s a new version of DBA in the works. But the site has done considerable work already on completely randomizing terrain selection, for example. Worth a look:


  4. mike crane says:

    Thanks for the imput fellas! I am definitely checking those sites out.

    I have been especially interested in sites that include sets of rules. Although I usually make my own, I am always searching for ideas to make them easier and faster without losing the flavor of the game. These three sites have been very helpful resources over the years and if you are not familiar with them you definitely will want to look them over.

    This is a veritable gold mine of free wargaming rules for all eras—ancient to sci-fi. It also has helpful links.

    This site has an amazing collection of paper figures, models, and simple rules for all eras. If you don’t have the figures or models to play a game, you may find what you need here.

    The Jackson Gamer’s site covers all wargaming periods with colorful pictures. The site also contains a section featuring their many sets of home rules.

    Although the rules in the sites listed above are not written as solo rules, any solo player worth his salt is good at borrowing ideas or changing rules to suit himself. Yeah, man. That’s what we do.

  5. I’m marking down quite a few of these blogs down to read regularly myself- thanks for sharing them guys!

    Some of my favourites would be:


    Rafael has so many ideas on his bl0g- conversions, OOBs, battle reports, pictures and lots of inspiration on the side. He’s a Napoleonic solo-wargamer from Spain (the site’s in English!)


    These guys churn out the most fantastic rules. Lots of historical detail and flavour, fun and easy to play at the same time. They emphasis command, morale and the fact that different troops act differently (instead of generic “blades” or “spears” for instance). Classical Greece, The Crusades, The War of the Roses, the Wars of Religion, English Civil War, American Revolution and War of 1812, Russian civil war, they’ve got it all covered.


    There are lots of tutorials and a forum as well on all sorts of scenery and terrain-making ideas. Lots of science fiction, but plenty of ideas I would love to try out some time.

    Probably the website I frequent the most regularly is http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Index.aspx

    Which reviews all the plastic 1:72mm figures as they come out, with pictures, for historical accuracy, mould and pose quality etc. So helpful for a chap who has to purchase his troops online, that he can know what he’s getting before he buys!


  6. Steve Turner says:

    If no one minds I’d like to promote 3 of my favourite blog sites, each for it’s own reason.

    First the Vintage Wargaming site, where we old-timers can relive our youth. Loads of old magazine articles to read (if your eyes are up to it) such as Wargamer’s Newsletter, & Practical Wargamer, plus stuff from all the famous names from the hobby (including some who aren’t with us any longer).


    Next, a site of very practical use. Specifically aimed at the 18th C. wargamer it’s a great place to download templates for flags & uniforms of the period. I use them to design my own uniforms.


    Finally, a blog based upon a long running Colonial campaign with a narrative and some super pictures of all the action.


    I don’t know if any of these links will work, but if not then simply copy and paste them into your navigation toolbar.

  7. JAird says:

    I don’t go to a huge number of blogs, and several that I do follow have already been mentioned.

    But, as a confessed 20mm plastic addict I greatly enjoy Pauls Bods http://paulsbods.blogspot.com/ , even if he does paint so fast and so well that it makes me want to weep.

  8. Mike Crane says:

    J, that is one excellent blog. Not only that, the Bodders List on the right side contains some interesting blogs as well, and they contain some interesting lists of blogs too. Thanks for sharing.
    Perhaps a better question for this post would have been “What is ONE of your favorite blogs?” That way people could send in several one-by-one over a period of time. This one was super!

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