What are we missing?

By Rob Morgan

 The first event ‘programmes’ have arrived since the beginning of the lonely ‘Month of Sundays’ which we face. In the light of such a substantial withdrawal from everything across the board, ‘Cons,’ shows, anniversaries and commemorations, re-enactments, open-days and lectures. For the immediate future, apart from e-mail games and solo gaming, not much will happen. Publication of journals, and of newsletters and ‘blogs’ of all sorts, now assume great significance.

In the UK, early events like Campaign 20, Partizan, and Phalanx, are all threatened. Decisions are awaited on Bovington’sTankFest and wargames day, as well as Barrage!  in July. ChillCon has already been re-scheduled to early August, and the events and gatherings for that month are still listed, such as Claymore, Britcon, and the splendid Kent Military Odyssey. The September list, which includes such stalwarts as Hereward and Colours are, hopefully, beyond the distant perimeter of the crisis.

But many local and national re-enactment events, I am told by frequent e-mails, will now not take place at all, as the whole, or almost the whole of the historical heritage sector has closed its doors. I’d almost completed a note on the events at the National Army Museum for the period from April to June, some interesting Friday Insight lectures planned, on ‘Wellington’s Leadership in Battle’, on the ‘King’s German Legion’ at Waterloo, on ‘The Indian Army at Dunkirk,’ and the VE celebrations — April events cancelled, later ones in doubt. I presume that early events across Europe and in the USA have met similar fates.

At some stage, we are going to have to form square and re-group, not only in the wargames sector, but in all of the related historical, publishing and activity-based sectors. We need to start talking about it now.

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