What vehicles are out there?

By Jim Rohrer

Wargaming in eras after World War I requires vehicles.  Each decade, the variety of vehicle types increased.  Deciding which types to include in your battles is one issue.  Another is where you obtain the vehicles.  This brief post compares Airfix plastic, Matchbox, and Corgi vehicles.  The scale of the figures should, of course, match with the scale of your figures.

The vehicles shown in the photos are placed with Airfix 1/76 figures, but Airfix 1/72 look about the same.  The first picture shows a Corgi Tiger tank.  The second picture is a Corgi halftrack.  The third picture is two Matchbox Humvees.  The last picture shows an Airfix plastic tank.  Assembly was required on the last one and, of course, I messed that up.  The Corgis and the Matchboxes are metal.  The Corgis have the highest level of detail.  They are handsome vehicles.  The Corgis shown were only $12 because I bought them on sale from Amazon.  This is affordable if you do intend to build a large army.  However, if you do not watch for sales the price of a Corgi can be prohibitive.








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As a semi-retired professor, I have time to indulge myself with hobbies. Solo wargaming with 54mm figures using One Hour Wargame (OHW) rules and an expanded card deck is my style of play. https://rohrerj.blogspot.com/
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2 Responses to What vehicles are out there?

  1. j sewell says:

    there are some great tanks in my local discount store at the moment, they are around £10/£12 including a tiger and more modern. The scale is around 54mm which suits me as i have loads of figures, although not gaming in that period at the moment! i’ll go and buy some and post the pics when next i can – all shops closed right now!??

  2. jimr says:

    j sewall,
    Let us know what the brands are, please. Thanks.

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