A link of possible WWII interest

By Rob Morgan

Quite a number of the publications I write for frequently contain notes about articles in other journals and newsletters which may prove of interest or value to that society’s membership. Here’s one which I thought should be mentioned to SWA members.

The Ordnance Society is probably well known to many wargamers across the world. It publishes a useful quarterly newsletter, and an annual journal. In Volume 27 for 2020, there’s a very interesting article by Terry Gander, it will certainly appeal to World War II gamers. “Nebelwerfer,” between pages 79 and 87, deals with the development and the deployment of German field artillery rockets in WWII. Illustrated with more than 20 photos and drawings, it gives a sense of perspective on the use of these awesome weapons. Several of the photos are new to me, and I certainly had no idea that the Waffen SS had, in 1943, developed a Nebelwerfer system based on captured Somua half-tracks. In addition, Terry Gander provides some intriguing technical information, which provides the wargamer with a few thoughts on the deployment of these beasts.

The Ordnance Society is at:


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