What’s new — Reviews page reorganized

The content on the Reviews page has been reorganized, with the aim of making it easier to use. Reviews have proven to be popular with readers, as well as with the blog’s writers/contributors. So popular, in fact, that the page was getting unwieldy under the old, strictly chronological format. Locating older reviews was beginning to involve considerable scrolling down and searching.

Under the reorganization, there will still be some scrolling involved. But the reviews are now broken down into categories, and, within the categories, the reviews are organized alphabetically. You can see what’s been done by looking for yourself at the Reviews page.

In the future, new reviews will be posted at the top of the page, then will be moved into the proper category when the next new review arrives. And the categories themselves can expand. Those there now are just what happen to be currently in use.

Coming soon, the page will feature more reviews of classic wargaming books from Jonathan Aird and Paul Le Long, who have taken on the project. Classic reviews by others are welcome too, as are any and all reviews of material of interest to soloists.

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  1. Jeff Chorney says:

    Excellent work done here. Easy to navigate. “Hats off to all involved” … Jeff

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