What’s new — Digital back issues now available

Rich Barbuto, editor of Lone Warrior magazine, has expanded the availability of back issues of LW. As of today, back issues are not only available in hard copy, but are also available in .pdf format, which allows them to be sent electronically. If digital versions are your preference, there’s no need to wait on snail mail any longer to get a copy of a back issue.

You can find the details on a new  page on this blog, Back Issues and Tables of Contents.

As the title of the page implies, the Tables of Contents for back issues of the magazine (1995 through 2011) are now also listed there (scroll down the page), along with information about how to get back issues in either hard-copy or digital formats.

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4 Responses to What’s new — Digital back issues now available

  1. Sean says:

    Excellent news! I’ll begin perusing the list.

  2. ljean8080 says:

    rich,thank you,thank you.taped out for march,but will buy lots in april.

  3. ljean8080 says:

    how soon after you pay can you download?

  4. Mike Crane says:

    The start-up of the Lone Warrior Blog and the opportunity to buy digitalized backcopies of LW in the . pdf format are providing the answer to the question about the future of Lone Warrior magazine that was discussed a short time ago. This step into the electronic age has given the Lone Warrior magazine new life by making it accessible to a new generation of solo gamers at a very reasonable cost. Richard Barbuto and George Arnold deserve praise for setting the systems up. The ultimate success will depend upon the contributions of the writers (past, present and future) and the continuing interest of intelligent readers around the world. Looking from here, everything seems to be in the right place and the future is bright!

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