A free gift for D-Day

By Rob Morgan

I rarely buy the ‘glossy’ wargames magazines these days. They don’t have the appeal that they had back in the ’80s, but as I write this, the new issue of Miniature Wargames for July 2019, marked issue 435, has gone on sale. It’s the last few days of June, and dipping into my pocket I bought it. Little or nothing to interest the solo  in its pages, but …

Attached to the cover is a free gift. Well, two of them, Two 1/300th scale plastic British WWII  MTB’s! As the cover price of the magazine is £4.50, and the two models are from the far-from-cheap Cruel Seas range by Warlord Games, this is clearly a bargain — the cover says ‘worth £6.’ So, if you wargame WWII afloat, buy the magazine now!

Brief note on each of the models: High quality moulding,with no flash. There are two waterline hulls, both well detailed, 18 pieces in all, on a single grey sprue. One model is an early Vosper 73 boat, two torpedo tubes, and a two-part bridge and mast assembly. The armament mix of these early boats varied from group to group, and the sprue has four distinctive light weapons for this purpose. The second hull represents a later 73 boat, with four tubes, a similar pilot structure and a forward ‘gun tub.’ Again on these, the armament varied.

Excellent models, quickly built, and attractive. Buy at least one pack while they’re on the shelves. I bought mine in W.H.Smith’s, by the way.

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