Coming soon — Lone Warrior No. 207

Editor Rich Barbuto confirms the latest edition of Lone Warrior, the digital journal of the Solo Wargamers Association, will be e-mailed later this week. Here’s a preview of the contents:

  • “Badon and Basingstoke: To the Strongest and Solo Wargaming,” by Paul Le Long. Some solo and not-so-solo gaming using the rule set “To the Strongest.”
  • “Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game — A Game Review,” by Craig Dunglison. A look at the card game based on the Marvel superheroes.
  • “Pick a Card, Any Card: Another Way to Place (Somewhat) Random Terrain,” by George Arnold. Using cards to situate terrain on a wargaming table.
  • “Who Won?” by Marvin Scott. Bonhomme Richard vs. Serapis: An Age of Sail naval game with some historical considerations examined.
  • “My Solo Wargaming,” by Brian Cameron. A lapsed gamer comes back to the fold, with his own ideas about how to enjoy his rediscovered solo endeavors.
  • “Science Fiction Game Quiz,” by Preston Shah. Ten questions that will test your knowledge of the role-playing and gaming in this genre. Answers are elsewhere in the journal.
  • “River Gunboats: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia,” by Rob Morgan. A review and more — much more — touching on aspects of gunboat usage around the globe.
  • “Adjutant Introuvable: Auto Strategy System for Wargames,” by Nic Birt. An explanation of the system that provides strategy for a programmed opponent for solo gaming.
  • “Krafft’s Battalion at Arnhem,” by Peter R. Barkworth. Trying out solo ideas for the World War II battle between British paras and German defenders.
  • “Writing for Lone Warrior,” by Nic Birt and “Billy No-Mates: A Soloist Speaks Up,” by Kevin White. Two long-time contributors discuss why and how they game solo.
  • “Editorial,” by Rich Barbuto. The editor’s thoughts on Lone Warrior’s content and its future.

As usual, lots of interesting stuff, from various gaming periods, all served up with plenty of color photos and other illustrations. Watch for it!


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