A Katyusha!

By Rob Morgan

The Military Machines magazine/model range, which recently produced a superb 1/72nd scale Sturmtiger for £5.99, has just issued another “one off,” but very useful model in the range, and at the same price.

It’s a 1942 Katyusha rocket battery mounted on a Gaz truck, ideal for the OstFront, and a model not readily available at that sort of price.

The truck (no crew) is accurate, but it lacks the screens that were dropped into place when firing, in order not to burn up the cab. It’s winter camouflaged, attractively, with green stripes over white, but rather too neatly for 1942 in deepest Russia. Nevertheless, this is another model well worth acquiring if you like the steppes.

I wonder what they’ll come up with next?

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1 Response to A Katyusha!

  1. JAird says:

    Wish I could find this locally – after about the first half dozen issues the supply dried up !

    Can’t seem to find an online shop for it either – just keep getting sent to the similar looking, and very similarly named, Eaglemoss part work : http://military-vehicles-collection.com/

    Only they are in 1:43 scale !

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