Attention UK gamers!

By Rob Morgan

Wargamers in the UK have three delightful opportunities to add to their collections this week:

In the major newsagents, like W.H. Smith’s, the “Military Vehicles” 1/72nd model and magazine series reaches No. 20, with the SdKfz 164 Nashorn(Rhino) variant of the Pz IV chassis, carrying the splendidly effective long barrelled 88mm 43/1 a/t gun. The model is magnificent and superbly detailed, and well worth the £5.99 cost. This weapon had its debut at Kursk, and also fought in Italy, of course, where the terrain suited the design. Only 474 were built in total, and though replaced by better protected AFVs, the Nashorn served to the end of the war in Europe.

My own Nashorn will serve on the Russian Front in winter, but I must admit I’m loathe to cover the open fighting compartment with a canvas cover — it just cries out for a crew to be added. The camouflage will do for autumn and spring, but I’ll just dab it with white paint.

The same source provides the Japanese Emily flying boat at £7.99 in the Giant Warplanes series. I was lucky to get hold of one. They went like hot cakes, such an unusual aircraft to find in model form. This one’s 1/300th and is big, green and lovely. I don’t know how I’d wargame with one, but just had to have it.

The third gem is a small range of Star Wars plastic fighter and starship kits from The Works bookshops. These are a find for the SF gamer, and retail at £2.99 each. There are, I think, four in all, an Imperial gunship, Jedi fighter, that sort of thing. Scale must be around 15mm.

Remember the old adage: “Buy it when you see it. Not when you need it.”

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