A new link: Featherstone’s classic Wargamer’s Newsletters

A new link has now been added on the right side of this page under Of Possible Soloist Interest. It’s a link to a web site that connects to old copies of Donald Featherstone’s classic Wargamer’s Newsletters, which were published from 1962 to 1980.

The newsletters provide a fascinating look into the history of this hobby and the thoughts of “The Don,” one of the founding fathers of modern wargaming. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to A new link: Featherstone’s classic Wargamer’s Newsletters

  1. admin2 says:

    Rob Morgan writes:

    The inclusion of the substantial work in progress that is re-publishing Don’s original newsletters is a delight! The value of this early, and often ground-breaking material goes far beyond the nostalgic. Yes, the early appearance of many who would become leading names in wargaming, and the musings that reading how much an army could be amassed for back in the 1960s are good reading, but this collection precisely mirrors the development of wargaming and the true value lies there, I think.

    Almost 20 years of publication is an achievement, and the time consumed by typing in page after page, isn’t lost on those who these days live by the flashing instant keyboard! There are seams of gold in these issues, and will merit careful consideration and hours of pleasurable reading. I do hope the missing issues turn up in someone’s attic archive!

    Only one point comes immediately to mind, and it’s not a criticism, well not really: Given that Don wrote the splendid ‘Naval Wargames’ quite early on in the long run of ‘Newsletters’, why does naval wargaming feature in such a small way — so infrequently?

  2. Jeremy S says:

    oh my goodness what a treasure trove! i don’t personally have any of these Featherstone Newsletters, even though one of my main interests is the history of wargaming.
    I love all those early rules and Grant/Young are the basis of many of my own home-cooked rules!
    Speaking of Naval Wargames, I have a group of 16 wargames ships from the Elizabethan period that i bought ready painted a few years ago … never seen action (with me anyway). i’m plotting in my head at least a whole new campaign around them! Drake and the age of pirates here we come!. i’ll report back here if it happens.

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