A preview of Lone Warrior No. 214

Lone Warrior No. 214 is in the final stages of preparation and should be e-mailed to subscribers within a few more days.

Here’s a look at what the latest issue has to offer:

  • “Planning a Tabletop Solo Commando Raid 1943,” by Peter Davies. A step-by-step explanation of how to set up a World War II commando raid on the coast of France.
  • “Rainbow Plans,” by Rob Morgan. A description of some early 20th Century naval plans against various opponents in the Pacific Theater.
  • “How to Build Paper Armies,” by George Knapp. A look at the many opportunities that paper armies provide for that period you’ve always wanted to game.
  • “Figures and Some Alternatives,” by Brian Cameron. Other ways to create new armies, whether using different figure sizes or even more paper soldier resources.
  • “Rules for Near-Future Mobile Infantry Tactical Units,” by Jim Rohrer. Small-unit combat in the present day: rules and the thinking behind them, as well as a scenario to try the rules out.
  • “A Very Strange Wargaming Year,” by Jonathan Aird. How the pandemic and working from home have changed approaches to the hobby.
  • “Maccabeus: A Maccabean Campaign, Judea 166 BCE to 160 BCE,” by Nic Birt. Simple campaign rules for the Maccabees vs. the Seleucids that provide context for any tactical battles between forces.
  • “The Reluctant Cartographer,” by Kevin White. Making a campaign map with minimal fuss and lots of usefulness.
  • “Games at Sea: In Search of a Perfect Balance,” by George Arnold. Experiences with naval board games — the good, the bad and the sweet spot.
  • “Deceit and Deception,” by Marvin Scott. Simple die rolls to add some unexpected developments to a variety of solo scenarios.
  • “Why Should I Write For Lone Warrior?,” by Paul Le Long. Another in a series by contributors about how they became solo gamers and what Lone Warrior means to them.
  • “Editorial,” by Rich Barbuto. Addressing the vexing question of what do Lone Warrior readers want?

Tons of ideas for solo wargaming, amply illustrated with color photos, maps and charts. Coming soon!

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