Another issue of Lone Warrior is coming soon

The latest issue of Lone Warrior is in the final stages of production and will be e-mailed to subscribers soon. As usual, here’s a preview of the contents to increase the anticipation.

  • “Editorial” by Rich Barbuto. Our editor has some words about this latest issue and updates readers on his own projects, both hobby-wise and professionally.
  • “Race for the Coast” by Kevin White. A solo version of Don Featherstone’s Agincourt Campaign, using a strategic diagram to bring on battles.
  • “Simple Rules for Two Duelling Figure” by Michael Barlow. A quick set of skirmish rules for fighting duels between two opponents, either for blood or for points.
  • “The Tochi Valley Escapade 1897” by Nic Birt. Rules for Northwest Frontier game with the enemy controlled randomly and the Imperial opponent tasked with carrying out a fighting retreat.
  • “Blockade Runner Part III: The Deep State” by Jeffrey G. Chorney. A different approach to a solo game, this one run entirely on paper, using a deck of cards and dice, and focused on political and economic developments during the American Civil War.
  • “Air War Burma” by Marvin Scott. Rules for air combat in a nearly forgotten theater of World War II, featuring outdated aircraft (paper outlines for models included).
  • “Mythic Word Lists and How to Use Them” by Steve Turner. Using a Mythic GamesMaster Emulator to generate campaign developments and adding in customized word lists to provide even more possibilities.
  • “Playing an Army That Doesn’t Fit Your Style” by Daniel Barbuto. Lessons in expanding your gaming horizons by trying out armies that fight differently than the ones you usually play.
  • “1066” by Nic Birt. Description of a new board game being marketed by the author. The game is used to set up miniature battles for the strategic conflict among Saxons, Vikings and Normans.
  • “Discovering a New Wargaming Period” by Steve Turner. Finding joy in discovering a long-neglected period of history, in this case the Thirty Years War.
  • “Jack Scruby’s Thirty Years War” by Rich Barbuto. Where to find rules for the period, written by one of the American pioneers of wargaming, plus photos and a nostalgic advertisement from on the his old catalogues.

As always, with lots of photos, maps, charts and color. Coming soon!

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