A robot? Or what?

By Rob Morgan

I was in the pound shop and found these hooks, but I didn’t need any hooks. Four for a pound and made by a German company, Powerfix. I thought they could add something to my science fiction wargame set-up as soon as I saw them. Plastic with a metal ‘pin’ they are 30mm long, 25mm wide and 15mm high. Yes, the structure on the ever-so-slightly ship-shaped base does look like a turret doesn’t it, and that’s enough to give these hooks some value. I haven’t added any detail yet, nor spray-painted them, that’s simple enough.

So, what are they? Could be hovercraft? If so, I might add a small mount beneath to lift them slightly, so they travel over land. Or they might be robot barges sailing quietly along a waterway or sea. In what scale? Well, in 10mm or 15mm they could carry a crewman inside the turret to operate the weapon, which might or might not be a gun. Or they could fit, in much the same way, into 10mm. In 6mm, they could have a two- or three-man crew. In 20mm or 25mm, they could be automatic turrets afloat or just floating on a cushion of air and radio-controlled remotely.

The hooks would require very little detailing, maybe an access hatch on the deck aft of the turret, or forward of it? Perhaps a small row of mines at the stern ready to drop. A pin drilled in for a control mast perhaps? Or some other deck detail — the turret really needs nothing at all, looks fine as it is. I’ll probably spray mine light grey overall, with an identifying number, emblem or letter on the turret side. They almost certainly won’t be armoured unless there’s a crewman, and then it will be only the turret that’s so protected.

If anyone else thinks of a different way to use these hooks in SF warfare, do let me know. Otherwise this is just a low-cost addition to the planets weapon systems.

Simple, eh?

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3 Responses to A robot? Or what?

  1. Martin Smith says:

    Which ‘pound shop’ was this, Rob? A chain (eg Poundland) or a local non-chain one?
    Same question re the Aliens in your previous post.


  2. George Arnold says:

    ((Rob Morgan responds with the following.))

    The robot ‘hooks’ I found in Pound Stretcher, that’s easy enough. However, and this is an interesting point on editors retaining, long-term, notes which are essentially quick use. When I see things which are potentially useful, and these packs of Aliens sold out very quickly, the likelihood is that, as with books I review at reduced prices from The Works, within a fortnight at most the review or comment will be useless.

    Now the Aliens were on sale in a local Poundworld, the one which went bankrupt, and vanished. The robots however are still on sale at Pound Stretcher. I’ve seen some rather similar hooks at B & M, I recall.

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