A small naval war, continued

By Rob Morgan

The naval encounters of the War of the Pacific 1879-83, mentioned in an earlier note, do have some potential in 1/600th scale, it seems.

Many thanks to the chap who e-mailed me and told me that Bay Area Yards of the USA have both Huascar (HPE-001) at $6US and Independencia (HPE-002) at $7US in their list. Not surprisingly, I’ve seen neither of these models, but another reader may well be very familiar with them, and be able to give more detail than this!

Of course, if you can get hold of these two, then the two ex-US Monitors of the Canonicus Class, sold to Peru, are available from Peter Pig, on both sides of the pond! Very reasonably priced, all-metal models, from Mr. Pig, but I think the Bay Area models are resin. Small auxiliary craft appear in both lists, of course. So a Peruvian fleet’s no problem.

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