A sneak peek at issue No. 194

The latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine, No. 194, is being readied for delivery.

Here’s an early look at the contents:

  • ‘An Orc is Not Just for Christmas’ by Rob Morgan. Rob comes across a box of Lord of the Rings figures and wonders about the game they appear to have been used for.
  • ‘Something Borrowed (2): Zombies, Aliens and Space Troopers’ by Paul Le Long. Paul creates a new game from his “stash” of various figures and boards.
  • ‘A Lost Journal … Frontovic … and the Eastern Front Association’ by Rob Morgan. Rob describes a long-defunct magazine and the association that produced it.
  • ‘Solo Dogfights Past and Future’ by Marvin Scott. Marvin compares a couple of dogfighting games, one featuring Star Wars spacecraft, the other his own solo effort featuring P-40s and Zeroes.
  • ‘A China Station Gunboat Flotilla c 1903’ by Rob Morgan. Rob provides the history of some early U.S. gunboats in China, with ideas for acquiring or converting some ship models to game the period.
  • ‘Re-tooling a Board Game for Solo Play: Victory in the Pacific’ by George Arnold. Ideas for solo play of this old Avalon Hill game.
  • ‘What Constitutes a Viable Naval Wargame’ by Jeffrey G. Chorney. Jeff suggests some approaches to designing a workable naval wargame/campaign.
  • ‘Think Small: A Rather Unusual Army’ by Rob Morgan. Rob discusses how he created a pygmy army to fight against larger-scale opponents.
  • ‘Redskins’ by Kevin White. Kevin provides rules for a U.S. cavalry (and civilians) vs. American Indians. Also included are links to on-line sources for paper figures.
  • ‘Kislev … The Frozen East … or this Alaska?’ by Rob Morgan. Rob uses an old Games Workshop booklet to brainstorm ideas about fighting tabletop wars set in the winter. Suggestions for usable figures are also included.
  • ‘Lone Warrior Celebrates 40 Years.’ Several contributors write about what the journal has meant to them over its now 40-year history.

All this, plus lots of color photos. Coming soon to an in-box near you!

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