Classic-style wargaming: figures and terrain

By Jim Rohrer

The writing of Charles Grant has opened my eyes to some ways the wargaming hobby has changed.  Grant used 1/72 Airfix figures out of the box, sometimes apparently unpainted and unbased.  Today, hobbyists are naturally led to believe that buying expensive figures and painting them with great care must be integral to the hobby.  If you are not interested in that kind of detail work, you might walk away from the hobby without trying it out.

It is time for a revival of classic style wargaming.  Put the emphasis on the battle, not the art.  Attract people who want to spend their time wargaming instead of painting.

Another way Grant was practical and frugal was in his approach to terrain.  Thinking in terms of contour maps, he cut shapes out of insulation board, cambering the edges a bit.  I think it is kind of a fiber pad they used to use in construction.  To make a higher hill, he would lay a smaller piece on top.  The effect looks good to me.  I like it better than plastic hills.  Presumably that material can still be found in home improvement stores.  Blue foam insulation board would not look right at all.


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As a semi-retired professor, I have time to indulge myself with hobbies. Solo wargaming with 54mm figures using One Hour Wargame (OHW) rules and an expanded card deck is my style of play.
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