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by Rob Morgan,

Back in 2003, issue No. 144 (Vol. 28/2, pp 46-48), Lone Warrior carried a short article of mine on a naval unit, one entirely suitable, as most warships are, of playing a central role in a solo wargame.

There are plenty of good wargames-scale ship models of vessels which were little use in real warfare. This one’s a 1/600th Peter Pig, 1864 Confederate ironclad, CSS Nashville. Big, slow, and vulnerable as a man-of-war, she played a small part in actions against the shore at the end of the struggle and was surrendered in May 1865. No. 4, in the “Hammerin’ Iron” range, it has a well detailed resin hull with metal funnel and ventilators. As a science fiction or fantasy vessel, it’s very useful indeed and I’ve now returned to it.

The warship, Titan, was unsinkable – based on the paddle steamers still found working in the salt pans of Spain’s Alicante Province. It’s not an ironclad in my solo game but built of very hard wood and she sails or steams on salt waters.

The overall colour scheme tries to give that “wooden” impression. I replaced the original funnel with something sturdier and added four small turrets on the top of the casemate. I suppose it should have a jack and ensign, but I’ve never got around to adding one.

This ship voyages along a river, rather like in Daniel Walther’s science fiction short story, “The Gunboat Dread”, encountering all sorts of opponents, and making for a sound linear campaign, easily picked up and returned to at will. The original article explains armament, fighting strength, and potential, in detail.

Here, in a recent game, Titan is being closely examined by a giant octopus, a model taken from the Waddington’s board game, Escape from Atlantis (now, that’s a set of parts worth acquiring if you can find it – forts, islands, sea monsters, sharks, galleys all sorts of useful wargames stuff.)

Incidentally, back in 2003, I recall Lone Warrior carried no photographs at all, in any issue, and almost twenty years ago, Peter Pig sold this hefty model (it’s 13cm long) at £4.50. The current Pig list shows the same model at £5, a very small increase in price over such a long time.

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