Coming soon: Lone Warrior No. 198

The latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine, No. 198, is expected to be delivered in the next few days. Here’s an early look at the contents:

  • “Damn the Torpedoes! Fast Play WW2 Naval Rules,” by Kevin White. Some simple rules for naval gaming, including several charts and markers.
  • “Mount Badon Refought — Eight Times,” by Paul Le Long. Fighting the same battle with different rule sets provides some unexpected insights.
  • “Review of ‘Byzantine Naval Forces 1261-1461′” by Rob Morgan. A thorough review of an Osprey Men-at-Arms title.
  • “Role Playing Scavenger Hunt Questions,” by Preston Shah. A quiz for enthusiasts of role-playing games. With answers elsewhere in this issue.
  • “Trying Out Some Reaction Tests,” by George Arnold. Plugging in reaction tests to some home-brew rules runs into problems.
  • “The Dictionary of Imaginary Places,” by Rob Morgan. A look at a 1980 book with 440 pages of names and maps from a broad swath of fantasy literature.
  • “A Tale of Seven (Unpainted) Samurai (Armies),” by David Newport. A chronicle of trying over and over to collect Samurai figures.
  • “”Spy Story’ and War Games,” by Rob Morgan. Remembering a Len Deighton novel that features wargaming.
  • “Gettysburg,” By George Knapp and Rich Barbuto. The rules and set-up for a convention-style (multi-player) game featuring the American Civil War’s pivotal battle. With thoughts on converting the game to solo.

All that, plus the usual assortment of color photos, maps, charts and markers. Watch for it!

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