Latest Lone Warrior is on the way

Editor Rich Barbuto reports that Lone Warrior No. 208, the latest issue of the magazine, is ready for delivery and will be in subscribers’ hands within days.

Here’s a preview of the contents:

  • “D-Day: Making a Game” by David Newport. A report on a D-Day invasion game that has been run at gaming conventions. Included are a discussion of what to simulate and how, a full set of fast-play rules, and an after-action report on one of the resulting games.
  • “Easy Napoleonics” by George Knapp. A set of fast-play rules that provide games lasting about two hours, but still provide the flavor of Napoleonic warfare.
  • “Adventure Awaits! Wargaming in the Pulp World” by Kevin White. Skirmish rules for an adventure game set in the early  to mid-2oth Century, ala John Carter of Mars or Indiana Jones.
  • “My Solo Wargaming: Inspiration from Solo and Cooperative Board Games” by Brian Cameron. A report on the mechanisms used in some solo board games and how they can be adapted to other solo games, especially skirmish types.
  • “SWAT” by Preston Shah. A report on a role-playing game about a police Special Weapons and Tactics unit on a hostage rescue mission.
  • “Something Other Than Gaming: Always With the Organizing” by George Arnold. In between games, there’s always some more organizing to do, at least for this gamer. What’s he been up to?
  • “How I Was Taken Over by the War Gaming Hobby and the Great Enjoyment Achieved by Writing Articles for the Lone Warrior” by Craig Dunglison. Another personal story of just how the writer discovered games, soloing and writing for this publication

Sixty-five pages this issue, including the standard use of color in photos, illustrations and charts. If you’re reading this summary and aren’t already a subscriber, now’s a good moment to become one! Go here.

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