In search of some old rule sets

(Rob Morgan submits the following query.)

Comments on rules of late remind me that in the early days of Miniature Wargames there were several useful short sets published. In Issue 25, June 1985, there was a single-page, and damned good, set for the Franco-Prussian War, written by Stephen Allen and on a single page of A4. He mentions two other sets which must have been in issues 1-24 earlier in the ’80’s, one called “Drums Along the Watusi” by Richard Brooks, and the second, “Riverine Actions” by Andy Callan. Both one-page sets, it seems.

I can’t find either, though I’ve got a copy of the Franco-Prussian rules. I wondered if any other aging member had a copy of the other two sets. There may indeed be more than just these two. Duncan, the editor, seems to have made a plea for rule writers to send them in.

— Rob Morgan


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  1. doug says:

    Most of the rule sets you’re referring to were the results of Duncan’s ‘back of a postcard’ rules competition. Curiously i don’t remember him ever declaring a winner… Anyway, Callan’s rules are online at

  2. Chris Hahn says:


    I will take a look in my storage boxes. I have Issue 100 of MW, which contained an nice index of all the articles printed in 1-99.

    Give me a couple of days. Thanks.


  3. Mike Crane says:

    Rob and Doug, thanks so much for recalling and locating the rules from the old magazine articles. The ‘Noddy’ ACW Riverine rules look really good to me. I am sure the other sets look just as good to those who are gaming those periods. Thanks again.

  4. stevethewargamer says:

    “With Hicks In Kordofan” (also by Richard brooks) is available here…

    “Drums along the Watusi” was issue 9

  5. Chris Hahn says:

    Noticed that my “efforts” to secure an actual copy of Issue 14 of MW (the one containing the Noddy Rules for ACVW Riverine Actions) were a waste of time. At least in one respect. While Mr. Callan’s work can be found on the Internet, I’m not sure one can really enjoy flipping through the pages of a very old issue of a wargames magazine by staring at a computer screen and clicking a mouse or typing on keys.

    Compared to the latest issues, I find these old ones rather nice. They are more content driven than picture driven. Perhaps this was just because it was a new magazine and did not have the photo archive or resources to photograph miniature collections existing in the UK during the 1980s.

    In trying to help out Rob, I actually helped myself. I got to read about variable-length bound wargaming courtesy of George Jeffrey. I was inspired to think about drawing up plans for an ancient Chinese vs Alexander fictional contest through the article by Roy Beers. I was reminded of the contributions of Scott Bowden while reading a review of Empire. And Wally Heard got me to thinking about refighting the battle of Sempach. I have never commanded Swiss on my tabletop. It’s 2013. Perhaps it’s about time.

    • JAird says:

      Oh dear, Chris, with your talk of the pleasures of flicking through paper copies you’re starting to undo my resolve ! I’d just about gritted my teeth to buying the CD archives for WI and MW and getting rid of my paper copies (as I really could use the space !).

      Maybe I’ll just keep up to issue 100…

  6. Paul Le Long says:

    heh heh heh……Jonathan – I bought all the CDs with the same idea. The result? I now store the CDs as well as the back issues! I wish you luck……

  7. Thomas Morgan says:

    Just seen the original (January) posting. I have MW9 – “Drums Along the Watusi” – p35 (whole) & p36 (a bit) – can email if you still want it!

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