Jack Scruby’s ‘Letter from America’ (1968)

Rob Morgan provides a copy of a letter from Jack Scruby, one of the founders of the hobby in the United States, to Miniature Warfare magazine, at a time (1968) when author John Tunstill had just taken over as editor of MW.

Apparently, Mr. Tunstill requested the contribution from Mr. Scruby, and may have gotten more than he bargained for. The letter contained some remarks on the differences between gaming in the U.S. and Great Britain that seem to have been controversial at the time.

Rob Morgan’s introduction, as well as the letter itself, are on the Reviews page.

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1 Response to Jack Scruby’s ‘Letter from America’ (1968)

  1. Steve_G says:

    Absolutely fascinating article, and takes me right back to my childhood, and reading these missives first hand out of the magazine at the time, as it were. What is most interesting to me is that I too observed the trend Jack talks about and found it quite intriguing the differences between the styles of play. Wow, what a blast from the past and an insightful look at our hobby, including its myriad of approaches.

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