Review of ‘The Soldier Shop Quarterly’

Rich Barbuto reviews a venerable publication from the early days of the hobby in the U.S. “The Soldier Shop Quarterly” was published by the New York hobby store and was part catalogue, part reference work, and some other things as well, all beautifully done.

The review includes numerous examples of the quarterly’s art work.

It’s on the Reviews page.

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  1. George Arnold says:

    ((Rob Morgan submits the following:))

    The note by Rich Barbuto on the presumably long-vanished wargames and model soldier shop in New York was interesting to say the least. I found the art work useful, but perhaps the one side of the Atlantic choices goes in some way to support Jack Scruby’s contention about the two parts of the hobby separated by the Atlantic!
    For me, the sight of the page dedicated to the superbly cast models of William Britain & Co brought back memories, all 1/32nd or 54mm as they say today. I’ve never seen one of the US 155’s anywhere, but the 4.7-inch naval gun on field carriage, suitable for WWI and the Boer Wars existed in my own collection for some years. It was hefty, and was a spring-loaded and working model. It fired matchsticks, and I think plastic rounds too. Mine was a gift from my Uncle Hubert, who served in the Royal Artillery in the Western Desert, Sicily and Italy on 5.5-inch guns.
    The massive 18in howitzer was a table top collectors model I yearned to own, but never did. The cost then was prohibitive to all but a millionaire’s son! I’m not sure of the value in $ then, but I know that in the UK this vast piece of ordnance was extremely expensive. It also fired, I know, and the photograph appears to show, a strip of plastic shells for that purpose. Takes me back to ‘Little Wars’. I don’t recall the packs of WB7347 and WB7357, the American and German Infantry, and it’s not possible to get a real impression from the image. Does anyone remember them? What exactly was in each pack of 18 figures?
    As an afterthought, I glanced at the current Britains catalogue. They sell a far smaller gun and 5 crew, the German WWI 210mm, for just under £300! A true collectors model, but, as we all recognise you could, if you had the imagination, actually wargame with the old stuff — not just admire them in glass cabinets.
    What else have you found, Rich?
    — Rob Morgan

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