Keeping my copies

By Rob Morgan

I was gathering together the copies of Lone Warrior, about 20 or so of them,
which I’ve accumulated since I managed to rejoin the Society. Well, mine are
now in a big box file, but intriguingly, each issue has a series of holes
punched along the side, and of course is of a  very different, squatter,
broader size and shape than the A4 we use in the European Union. Are the holes intended to allow the journals to be enclosed in a file? Is this a standard file used in the USA? Or is the shape an historical acquisition, rather like the paper which became newspaper broadsheets so long ago?

The “old” Lone Warrior back in the Dark Ages, copies around No. 140 and so on, were also an unusual shape. They were broader than A5, and also difficult to gather together in a standard file. Of course now, electronically, it’s all somewhere in a cloud (or so my son tells me!).

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2 Responses to Keeping my copies

  1. George Arnold says:

    Rob, about the punched holes on the side of the current Lone Warrior, here’s what Editor Rich Barbuto said about them in the first North American Edition of the magazine, No. 109 (January-March 1995):

    “The punching is done for a reason. I expect many of our readers may want to pull the staples and place Lone Warrior into a three ring binder. To this end, your editor will try to keep material segregated so that all the articles don’t end on the same last page. As you receive more issues, you can readily organize as best serves your interests. Try it.”

    The same note from Rich contains the information that the original version of Lone Warrior measured 6 x 8½ inches, so it wasn’t the standard A4. For the North American edition, the material was converted to 8½ x 11, which is standard “letter” size on this side of the pond. So, there you have it: Not only are we two cultures often separated by a common language, even our standard paper sizes refuse to collate!

    — George

    • JAird says:

      I used to have some three hole binders – they had a lock-in mechanism which made them the most secure binders I ever had. But finding a reasonably priced three hole punch proved impossible back then, so I had to punch holes individually, leading to a very ragged filing system! I gave up in the end.

      Taking the thread heading though – I’ve often wondered if anyone actually has a complete set of Lone Warriors? I have about 50 issues missing, mostly from the very early days (I’ve managed to pick some up second hand from wargame traders). Some of the very early issues were mimeographed, quite thin and I think had only paper covers. I doubt many survive!

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