LW No. 197 on the way

Editor Rich Barbuto reports that the latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine is about to appear in e-mail in-boxes around the globe. Here’s a preview of what’s in No. 197:

“Notes From a Naval Wargamer” by Jeffrey G. Chorney: A look at some naval action on Lake Erie from the War of 1812.

“Wargaming — We’ve Been Doing It Wrong” by Paul Le Long: Re-interpreting pre-Napoleonic linear wargaming.

“First Impressions of Field Commander Napoleon” by George Arnold: A play-through of one of the solo board game’s scenarios.

“Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775” by George Knapp and Rich Barbuto: Ideas for a solo game of the American War of Independence battle.

“YouTube as an Aid to Wargaming” by Steve Turner: Some web sites of interest to solo gamers.

“The USS Franklin and the Essex Class Carriers of WWII” by Rob Morgan: Thoughts upon a long-ago letter from the U.S. Navy to a young naval gamer.

“Editorial” by Rich Barbuto: What the editor’s been up to lately.

There’s also the now-standard bevy of color photos and charts, along with information about how to subscribe (you should, you know) and subscription prices (they’re easy).

Look for No. 197 in the next few days.

p.s. Of course, subscription information to the Lone Warrior is also available right here on the blog’s web site too. We make it so convenient!

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