No. 202 is in the works

Lone Warrior Editor Rich Barbuto reports that issue No. 202 of the magazine for solo wargamers is in the final stages of production and will be electronically distributed within a few days. Here’s a preview of the contents:

  • “Blockade Runner Part II,” by Jeffrey G. Chorney: Skullduggery in the American Civil War — spies, intrigue and even Captain Nemo.
  • “A Star Wars Battle,” by Mike Crane: A game with counters and make-them-yourself X-wings, Tie fighters and bombers engaged in a space battle, with a game report too.
  • “F4UF-Corsair ‘Whistling Death’ 1944,” by Preston Shah: Ideas for air operations in the South Pacific.
  • “The Siege of Lyme Regis 1644, a Solo Campaign,” by Paul Le Long. Campaigning the English Civil War, with rules for recreating an historical battle.
  • “‘Sophie is Going to the Seaside’ BBC 9 O’Clock News,” by Rob Morgan: Ideas for gaming World War II German armor vs. French resistance, British commandos and Allied air.
  • “Terrain 101 — Back to the Drawing Board,” by George Arnold. Ideas for constructing micro-terrain for smaller scale figures.
  • “Battlegroup: Modern Warfare,” by Kevin White. Easy rules for modern combat, with tanks, recon and helicopters.

All this in a packed 57 pages, with color photos, illustrations, charts, game counters and even some advertising by gamers for gamers. Coming soon!

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  1. Sebastian Palozzi says:

    Thanks to Mr. Chorney for his two Blockade Runner articles (LW 201 and 202). I really enjoy reading them and I find them inspiring.

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