No. 212 is out, and it’s a big one

Issue No. 212 of Lone Warrior magazine is out, and it’s a big one: a record 80 pages, chock full of articles of interest to soloists and non-soloists alike.

Here’s a rundown of this issue’s lineup:

  • “The Spanish Ulcer — Napoleon Solo Squared,” by Kevin White. A set of rules for refighting the Peninsular Campaign, using 3-inch squares.
  • “Lawrence of Arabia — Seven Pillars of Wisdom,” by Rob Morgan. Drawing lessons on insurgent warfare from Lawrence’s own words.
  • “Savage Tales of Imaginary Heroes and Villains,” by Steve Turner. Some ways to run campaigns, battles, even politics, in a make-believe world of the author’s creation and using a “war diary” to record events over time.
  • “My Approach to Playing Solo Battles,” by Brian Cameron. Setting up battles, all the way from choosing terrain and battle plans for both sides to standing orders for different types of units and commander qualities.
  • “First Battle of Barcelona (1898),” by Jim Rohrer. An “alt-history” account of a Rough Rider invasion of Spain and the ensuing battle.
  • “The Three Holy Grails of Solo Wargaming,” by Russell Parkin. Using the three principles of Simplicity, Opposition and Continuity as the basis for solo wargaming, with a sample skirmish battle to demonstrate how the principles work in practice.
  • “Combat Actions of Soviet Forces in the Republic of Afghanistan,” by Rob Morgan. A review of the 1996 book “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” and the application of its lessons to ongoing irregular conflicts in difficult terrain.
  • “Something Old, Something Newer — Revisiting Some Rule Sets,” by George Arnold. A look at some new or revised rules sets that grew from, but further developed the venerable DBA, with a test battle set during the American Civil War.
  • “Kriegsspiel,” by Paul Le Long. Lessons for solo play drawn from some classic Kriegsspiel games with multiple players and an umpire.
  • “Encounters at Ambler Views, 2-13 June 1864,” by Graham Empson. A narrative of a side action that developed in the course of a longer campaign set during the American Civil War, with character sketches to personalize the narrative.
  • “Darts in Warfare in the Ancient and Medieval World,” by Rob Morgan. An in-depth discussion of the use of darts in ancient and medieval combat.

So many ways to approach this fascinating hobby in this issue, plus the usual thorough use of color photos, maps and charts to illustrate the articles.

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