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<<A reader submits the following. Can anyone answer his question?>>

Hello, I enjoy your blog. I usually do not play solo but still enjoy all of the articles. I am hoping somebody out there can provide me a way to acquire thru purchase or other means a copy of Stuart Asquith and Jack Alexander’s “Big Wars.” I read the summary on this blog but wanted the full rules. I have searched for them online. I have emailed anybody I can think of that I know who might have a copy and I have come up dry. Call it an obsession but it’s driving me mad that I cannot find a way to come across a copy 🙂

Any help provided will be very much appreciated!

Bradley Dunlap
48-year-old Wargamer who has recently discovered old school wargaming.

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  1. Peter R. Barkworth says:

    Hello Bradley
    I have an electronic copy of the second edition. Stuart Asquith kindly sent me a copy about five years ago when I asked him about his version of “Charge” rules. It’s simply a Word file. It just shows, I suppose, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.
    How can I email them to you?
    This makes me think – I wonder if anyone out there has a copy of Mr Asquith’s “A Wargamer’s Guide to the 1882 Nile Campaign and the 1884-1885 Gordon Relief Expedition” – I’d like to read those.
    Peter R. Barkworth

  2. Bradley Dunlap says:

    Hello Peter
    Very welcome news indeed! You can email them to me. (E-address provided privately. Admin)

    I have his How to Wargame book by the Military Modelling guide series. He has lots of simple rules for all periods in there. It is also interesting to hear his advice on painting and the hobby in general from a 1980’s perspective.

    I think I will give them a go solo and see how I like the experience. Maybe I will be instantly hooked.

    Bradley Dunlap

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