Avalon Hill board games

By Jim Rohrer

Paul Le Long reviewed “Bull Run: First Major Battle of the American Civil War,” published by Avalon Hill in 1983 and designed by Richard Hamblen.  His review gave me hope that other Avalon Hill board games might also be played solo, as Paul did with Bull Run.

Dozens of different Avalon Hill games are available on eBay but I am reluctant to start buying in this line without some reassurances.

Here are my questions for the group: does anyone have recommendations for other Avalon Hill war games that will work for solo play?  And, are the games playable if some of the counters are missing?

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As a semi-retired professor, I have time to indulge myself with hobbies. Solo wargaming with 54mm figures using One Hour Wargame (OHW) rules and an expanded card deck is my style of play. https://rohrerj.blogspot.com/
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  1. George Arnold says:

    Jim, lots of the old Avalon Hill games can be played solo simply by playing each side as best you can. Other than that, Avalon Hill didn’t seem to have much of a focus on solo gaming.

    But you might want to take a look at Dan Verser’s board games (dvg.com). They are specifically designed for solo play and his Field Commander games range from Ancients through Napoleonics to WWII.

    And, if you have a specific game in mind, check out the Board Game Geek site (boardgamegeek.com). Lots of older games are for sale there, generally at better prices than you’ll find on eBay.

    Missing pieces? Why bother? There are loads of complete games available at reasonable prices.

  2. jimr says:

    I have been reading reviews at boardgamegeek. That is an enormous site with lots of good opinions and information. Yesterday, I bought a AH Civil War game. The first reviewer panned it but the comments were much more favorable. The map board alone is useful because it can be played on with your own rules and counters.

    Regarding the missing pieces, you never know when you buy something used if it will be complete. But I now think any missing pieces would not be a problem because counters seem to be available online for most of them.

    I will check out dvg.com. Thanks.

  3. Scott Hansen says:

    Regarding AH Wargames that can be played solo:

    1. There’s been a few articles in Lone Warrior (I forget the author and issue number) with a solo system for Victory in Pacific.

    2. Raid on St. Nazaire but it’s expensive on EBAY. Way too many dice rolls for me!

    There are several board games designed for solo play from White Dog Games and Compass Games.

    1. White Dog Games has several board wargames designed for solo play on a wide variety of subjects: Vietnam War, American Revolution, etc.

    2. Two Hour Wargames titles are designed to be played solo. Their rules cover a variety of periods: WW2, French and Indian War, Sci Fi Bug battles. Their latest rule sets are simplified and can be played with counters and a “battle board”.

    3. Compass Games have several board wargames designed for solo play: Night Fighter Ace and Combat are the latest titles.

    • George Arnold says:

      Scott, the VITP articles were mine, with the latest version of my solo rules for the game in Lone Warrior No. 209. I adapted some of Dan Verser’s ideas for the solo mechanics, but kept the very simple Avalon Hill combat resolution system. I was pleased with how it all worked.

      • Scott Hansen says:

        I thought that was you George. Sorry I forgot your name. Victory in the pacific was one of my favorite games.

  4. jimr says:

    Thanks, Scott. I will check into these.

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