Review of ‘Blenheim: Battle for Europe’ book

Rob Morgan reviews a book on the Battle of Blenheim (1704) and finds it a useful read for solo possibilities, which he discusses at some length.

It’s on the Reviews page.

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1 Response to Review of ‘Blenheim: Battle for Europe’ book

  1. Rich Barbuto says:

    Rob, you gave us a great review! If any reader is looking for a new period to explore, your review would surely entice them to look at the campaigns of Marlborough and Eugen. As you point out, Marlborough’s approach march to the Danube is a fascinating logistical marvel in its own right. Your recommendation to use the final engagement at Blenheim itself, a potential breakout operation, as the basis of a solo game is a flash of creativity. Excellent book review and a superb game suggestion.

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