Review of Griffith’s ‘Sprawling Wargames’ book

Paul Le Long reviews a book by the late Paddy Griffith, a book described as a “soloist’s nightmare.” “Sprawling Wargames: Multiplayer Wargaming” is Griffith at his iconoclastic best.

It’s on the Reviews page.

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5 Responses to Review of Griffith’s ‘Sprawling Wargames’ book

  1. Dale Hurtt says:

    Thanks for that honest review. I have always wondered about that book, and whether it was a worthwhile purchase. Sounds like something I might like to read, if I come across a copy, but not likely to want to purchase for reference.

  2. Chris Fielitz says:

    Good, honest review.

    The only Griffith book I’ve was one on Viking warfare, which I thought was pretty good. Usually, I can gleam something useful from just about any book. It might have something in there of use, but with money being tight this upcoming year, I think I’ll pass on this one.

  3. Paul Le Long says:

    Well I love Paddy Griffith’s work – he could write a shopping list on the back of an envelope & make it interesting. I think I reviewed his Battle in the Civil War book on this blog (can’t remember now) which was excellent, as was his other Battle book on the ACW – both required reding for ACW I think. Check out Forward into Battle which covers tactics from 1815 to 1973 – excellent stuff again. In Ospreys I’ve read his book on British WWII desert tactics and French Napoleonic tactics – both essential reading for their respective fields. His book on WWI British tactics 1916-18 is a masterpiece – anyone with an interest in WWI simply MUST read it. I enjoyed the Viking Art of War too, though it didn’t thrill me. Check out also his Napoleonic Wargaming for Fun (I definitely reviewed that on this blog) which is also superb.

    Definitely one of my favourite authors – I enjoyed Sprawling Wargames, it’s just not that good for soloists. But if you don’t know the main body of his work you really should check it out – provocative, scholarly, informative, iconoclastic, challenging.


  4. JAird says:

    Another good review Paul – and I do like Paddy’s writing so will probably get this at some point. He certainly liked challenging preconceptions – a good thing; his American Civil War book caused quite a stir – there was a “heated correspondance” conducted through the letters page and a series of rebuttal articles in MWAN.

    Certainly in the past there was an active Play By Mail element to the SWA which has died back somewhat – maybe someone will be enthused enough to set something going again ? I’d be interested – as a player !

  5. Paul Le Long says:

    You know, all the time I was reading the book I was thinking – could we run a play by e-mail tournament in the SWA or even co-ordinate it through the blog. I’d be really interested in that – as a player. Not sure I would know what to do as a ‘gamesmaster’. Is it even possible to run it on/alongside the blog? If anyone wanted to volunteer to run some sort of campaign I’d definitely sign up to play.

    Any takers?

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