Review of ‘Luftwaffe Field Divisions 1941-45’ (Osprey)

Rob Morgan reviews an Osprey on some unusual Luftwaffe units of World War II.

It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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  1. JAird says:

    I recall an excellent series in Airfix magazine on fallschirmjager and later Luftwaffe land Divisions, which included a lot of detail on campaigns, equipment, and how to reproduce the same in 20mm.

    It’s a shame there isn’t a (legal) way to make this old material available again – the prospect of chasing down copyright is quite daunting – through authors (who may be no longer with us) and the tortuous ownership of reproduction rights from a magazine that, although it is back with us now, was certainly defunct for about 20 years, and almost certainly was published by a different company to the current incarnation.

  2. George Arnold says:

    ((Rob Morgan submits the following:))

    I find myself wondering if anyone ever indexed publications like this? Airfix Mag after all was a regular and well produced monthly between 1960 and the late seventies. I’m not sure of that latter year, was it 1977? It had a decent editorial structure, superb advertising and a solid track record.

    So, did anyone index it? Even if for only part of that time. I don’t recall ever hearing of one, but — that means nothing.

    There were so many sound articles, take the monthly military modeling pages by Chris Ellis — he was later editor, of course — these alone must have been worth listing. I believe that Chris Ellis is still around, and wondered, treading just a little further down the road, if he listed his own articles, which would be a start! It may be that he’s not an SWA member, but possibly MAFVA? Who knows?

    Of the other long gones, then BATTLE surely must have been worth the effort of a contents listing.

    I did a short list of what I could find in naval wargames terms as articles and rules, for the Naval Wargames Society’s “All Guns Blazing” e-newsletter last year, and that was just using my own “archives” (still the cardboard boxes in the attic!). It provided a great deal of material.

    These are easy publications to index, of course, in that they ran effectively, and without any serious breaks. Older wargamers and modellers will have copies, and I suspect in the case of “Airfix Mag” there’ll be a railway modeller or ship modeller somewhere with a complete set from 1960 onwards. I only have about 70 or so copies surviving, but they are like gold.

    It seems a task worth undertaking by someone with time on his hands.

    — Rob

  3. JAird says:

    Rob’ – luckily the person with time on their hands has already done this for Airfix magazine!

    A full Contents listing can be found here :

    There’s so much superb content in these magazines, just glancing through the list articles that look good include – Panther turret pill box (hey, I have that issue !); Medieval Guns and Cannons (hey….) – a small amount of balsa and you’ll never buy another bombard model !; a six part series on the Six Weeks War; the Buildings for Wargames series; and more and yet more.

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