What’s new — ‘Tactical Combat’ rules

David Newport, a new contributor to the blog who also plans to offer articles for Lone Warrior magazine, shares his set of World War II easy rules, “Tactical Combat.”

The rules are on the Miscellaneous page.

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4 Responses to What’s new — ‘Tactical Combat’ rules

  1. Paul Le Long says:


    This is a good set of rules – I like the 3 options for command rules. I’ve just been working on my own WWII rules – mostly company level infantry combat like yours – I should have waited! I will nevertheless steal some of your ideas.

    Welcome to the blog & I look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

  2. David Newport says:

    Thanks, Paul. Glad you like them.

    The rules are what I use for a solitaire WWII system a lot of the time. I wrote them up from the standpoint of a two player or multi player game to make them generic for anyone who wants to use them. I’ll have a series of articles for Lone Warrior using the rules in the near future.

    Dave Newport

  3. Jim Walton says:

    Hi Dave,
    I’m going to give your rules a try. I’m a solo gamer and I’m wondering if you will be submitting to Lone Warrior some of the solo mechanics you use with them? And also a favorite area of interest for me is the German invasion of Crete – any chance of seeing what changes you did to the rules for that?

  4. David Newport says:

    Yes, in fact I just submitted an article on a solo game to Rich. I am invading the Soviet Union, or at least my company of German infantry is fighting them using the rules. The article includes some basics on generating a solo opponent and making him fight. I’m not sure if I got it submitted in time for the next issue, but it should provide you some food for thought when it sees print. Contact me at dnewport(at) juno.com and I’ll dig up my Crete stuff for you. It’s based on the airborne drop at Maleme and has provided many a good game. Hope you like the rules, they’re designed to be simple with the combat and movement boiled down to the basics. One chart is all you need for an infantry fight like Crete!

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