Another useful find

By Rob Morgan

Buy it when you see it … and not when you need it, as the old saying goes. I was in ‘The Works’ discount bookshop the other afternoon, and picked up this pack: Ten ‘wooden embellishments’ for a pound. Hm? Plenty of uses come to mind for them, each is 18mm diameter and 10mm high. So …

  • Huts for a Zulu Kraal in 1/300th scale? If you based them in a group and smeared a little modelling compound over each and ‘combed it’
  • Standard African huts, or maybe Yurts for the same scale? Similar treatment.
  • WWII Atlantic Wall 15mm observation cupolas? Simply sprayed and camouflaged.
  • WWI fort cupolas … if you drill a small hole low and add say 8 or 10mm of pin or nail for a gun.
  • In 25mm or 28mm, with a few pinhead horns — floating mines.
  • In 1/600th , harbourside storage gas tanks.
  • In 1/1200th Cold War radomes.
  • In Science Fiction a host of potential uses, weapon covers, communication domes, housing, etc, etc.
  • And all for a pound!
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