Singing in the Rain!

 By Rob Morgan

I was reading a copy of a book on Vietnamese riverine warfare the other day, and the cover stuck in my mind. A small patrol boat ( Swift class?) was chugging along a small waterway in the rain, and over the open machine gun position an umbrella was raised, for obvious reasons. Now umbrellas do figure in warfare from time to time, and not just those ancient and medieval Indian elephant jobs, and especially in monsoon climates.

General Sir Tom Picton was waving one at Waterloo when he got shot by the perfidious French voltigeurs.

I don’t know of, and can’t seem to find, any model manufacturer which makes umbrellas — open umbrellas in any scale! I have found the Preiser German trackside beach umbrellas, but they are a) hideously expensive and b) shallow and un-rainy season in style.

Does anyone know where a decent open umbrella of the Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain” type can be obtained in say 15mm, or 20/25mm scale?

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