SWA tournament results, and No. 178 is on the way

Jonathan Aird provides the results of the latest Solo Wargamer Association postal tournament, featuring English Civil War battles by eight different players. See the listings here.

More information about the tournament will be included in Lone Warrior No. 178, which Editor Rich Barbuto reports has just been put into the mail and should be in subscribers’ hands shortly.

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2 Responses to SWA tournament results, and No. 178 is on the way

  1. George Arnold says:

    (Rob Morgan submits the following comment.)

    The mention of wargaming by post reminded me of the time, donkeys years ago, when I used this method with a couple of like-minded naval characters overseas, though I haven’t thought about it as a system for a very long time. It does really need a competent referee or games controller, and I suppose these days that means a computer program. I’ve not tried it with multi-player scenarios, though I suppose Jutland or Waterloo — though complex encounters — are possible by post, and this format does have at least one fascinating similarity with warfare in historical terms:
    The delay!
    Where is the Fifth Battle Squadron?
    What happened to the ammunition wagons?
    That sort of thing.
    I do remember at least one company, it may have been a single highly organised individual, of course, called ‘Flagship,’ which operated in the UK about 25 years ago, but their charges were then quite high, or so it seemed; A colleague says the same company produced a regular magazine or newsletter called The Flagship of Wargaming. I don’t recall ever seeing a copy, but others might remember it.
    Is postal wargaming worth reviving? Well, probably it is. It doesn’t seem to have died away entirely, but then back in the 1970s the skeptics (not me!) said over and over again that with the advent of the board wargame, the miniature figure and the tabletop battle had had their day. A wargame by post might well provide challenges and a slightly different dimension and insight into the battlefield for the solo wargamer.
    — Rob Morgan

  2. JAird says:

    The main problem with a postal game is when the umpire finds out that he has less spare time than he thought he had !

    That apart it’s fantastic fun.

    I think I played in one of the games run by Flagship (although it may have been a different company) – it was a Fantasy Wilderness Exploration. As I recall it was very slow – not on turn around but on actual game progress. I think the people running it were using a computer moderated system to track moves and player status. I felt it needed more of the “human touch” to make it come alive.

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