Team Yankee test

By David Newport

A buddy and I decided to play some Team Yankee, the WWIII miniatures game from Flames of War. Tim had just got the v2 rules, which have minor changes, and we wanted to see if it made much of a difference. We hadn’t had a chance to play in about eight months, given work schedules, so I was a bit rusty at the game. I decided on running a couple of small scenarios from the TY Quick Missions set as a solo exercise to get back up to speed. These are smaller scenarios for smaller forces that give a quick game to try something out or just have a good time. I decided on 50 points, which for my Soviets gives me 7 T-64 tanks and a Motor Rifle Company in 9 BMP-2s. I also own US forces, and 50 points has 5 M-1 Abrams tanks, a mechanized platoon in M-113s and 2 ITOW tracks. Tim uses M-60 tanks rather than M-1s, as he likes having more guns although his tracks are extremely fragile in the face of massed 122mm cannon fire and Spandrel missiles from the Soviets.

In the game shown below, I rolled up a night mission with a quick “seize one objective” victory.  Supposedly, the superior night vision gear on the US tanks would give them the edge to counter the Soviet charge. In actual play, the dice decided that the US could barely see anything, and when they could see the T-64s the heavy frontal armor of the Soviet tanks caused the shots to bounce. On the Soviet side, the tanks kept getting bogged down in the woods and as a result couldn’t return fire well. The Motor Rifle Company got the win, with the BMPs managing to get in close and salvo Spandrel missiles while the dismounts charged the McPizza King restaurant where the objective was, and in the meantime they volleyed RPGs and fired AKs left and right and punched through the middle. Good exercise on speed, mass, and the different matchups in the units.


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