What’s going on at Bay Area Yards?

By Rob Morgan

Does anyone know what’s happening at Bay Area Yards? I want to extend my 1/600th ACW warship collection after some time, since Peter Pig has now begun to issue more models.

The Bay lists, last time I looked, were very, very extensive. I’d hoped to pick up USS Galena for instance, the ONLY 1/600th model of this warship made by any manufacturer, but….sadly, there are some 15 of the company’s fine models deleted from the Confederate list, including CSS Milledgeville and General Bragg and the Tug Teaser ( which has uses for over a century of naval warfare!). In the Federal list, no fewer than 19 are now unavailable, Galena, the ram Switzerland and Queen of the West among them, as well as several of the almost generic sailing warships. Even in the merchants, two out of five are now not available.

This is a big gap in the ACW naval set up, and at least half a dozen, maybe 10 of the missing vessels have no equivalent anywhere in the wargames world. No one makes them.

An e-mail has gained no response, but I suspect that this sudden gap (it seems to have cropped up over the last two years or so) must have been noticed by US members and readers of this newsletter.

Anyone know anything? Am I ever going to get a model of USS Galena in 1/600th?

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