Five years for the Lone Warrior blog!

By George Arnold

Dear readers,

Today, May 7, is something of a red-letter day for the Lone Warrior blog. As of today, the blog has been in operation for five years. The very first post was published here on May 7, 2011.

As readers can see from the electronic counter on the blog’s front page, we are fast approaching a total of 2 million hits in that five year’s time. That’s quite impressive for a niche publication such as this.

Where do all these readers come from? In a typical month, the greatest number come from the United Kingdom, which is where the Solo Wargamers Association and its journal, Lone Warrior magazine, got their start more than 40 years ago. In second place in total numbers are readers from the United States.

Canada and Australia/New Zealand also register significant readership. World-wide, the blog has readers on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica, which isn’t recorded in our analytics, so who knows? Maybe someone is reading the blog down there too.

In these five years, the blog has published a total of 612 individual posts. These cover a wide range of topics, from reviews of all sorts to wargame reports and monthly sample articles from previous Lone Warrior magazines, to many other postings of interest to solo gamers. Thanks again to all who have contributed to this substantial body of content.

There have also been 477 comments to the posts, a good number, but it’s only the occasional post that generates much comment these days. That is a mystery, considering how many readers the blog attracts. Please remember, it’s easy to comment. Just click on the “Leave a comment” line at the bottom of any post, and follow the instructions. Tell the blog readers what you like about a certain post. Or add something extra that wasn’t mentioned in the original post.

Like the journal, the blog depends on its contributors to supply most of its content. And the number of contributors remains quite small. So anyone reading these words is asked to please consider contributing something to the blog over the next year. A short post about your current project, or, as above, a comment on a post that caught your interest — any of these would be appreciated. If you have problems with technicalities involved in posting, send an e-mail to us by using the “Contact Us” button at the top of any blog page. We’re always ready to help.

Here’s hoping the next five years will be even more successful than the first five! Thanks for all your support!

Now a bit of the blog’s history: In the months leading up to the launch of this blog, it was Lone Warrior Editor Rich Barbuto who started a conversation among some of the magazine’s contributors about the magazine’s future. That discussion led to the idea of creating an online website to support Lone Warrior. You’re reading that online website now.

From the beginning, Rich was the guiding hand in how the blog would be organized and he did much of the work in developing the early content. Over the years, Rich has continued to support the blog, funding it through the magazine, encouraging its growth and its contributors (myself, in particular) and providing even more content. It is Rich, for example, who chooses the monthly Sample Articles and sends them to me for inclusion on the blog.

I asked Rich for a few words on the occasion of this anniversary, and he responded:

It hardly seems possible that the Lone Warrior Blog has been up and running for five years.  It would not have been possible without George Arnold’s original idea, initiative, investment of time and energy, and commitment to quality. Well done, George!  The Blog has served well in keeping the solo wargaming community connected with good ideas and helpful information.  I expect that its readers have found both entertainment and a bit of inspiration; I know that I have.

Congratulations, too, to all the contributors who have made the Blog a ‘go to’ wargaming place.  The hobby needs even more of you.  Here is to five more years of continuing growth and excellence!

— Rich Barbuto

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3 Responses to Five years for the Lone Warrior blog!

  1. JAird says:

    Has it really been five years ? Time really does pass remarkably quickly!

    And I can only echo the sentiment about the fast approaching 2 million page hits mark – that’s about 1100 hits per day on average. Since it took time to grow the blog it is probably in reality more than double that per day currently. Not bad for what might be regarded as a niche part of the hobby. I think it serves to emphasize why the SWA has lasted 40 years, and why Lone Warrior magazine itself is gaining more readers – the solo wargamer isn’t an anti-social wargamer they just enjoy the freedom to setup games as and when they are able, and maybe leave them running for longer than would fit into an evening’s play. With all that “we” still like the exchange of ideas that is gained from LW magazine and Blog. Long may both continue !

    On comments – I looked back at some of the early posts in 2011 and there were several that were designed to generate some debate, I’ll try and do what I can to add to these. I always thought that any posts of mine that might attract comment would come from the reviews of the Classic Books Of Wargaming (and I note that I still have a few to do – must try and do some this year!). These might have been along the lines of “I used that book and I remember a game that…”, or “I still use that book – but with these changes…” or even – hopefully – “I’m getting that book”! This, though has not been the case. My most commented contribution was a review of 1/72nd semi-soft plastic Zombie Pirates. Well, who could have guessed?

  2. Mike Crane says:

    George, thank you for the great job you have been doing so well and so faithfully. I appreciate Rich for his contribution to the blog as well as editing Lone Warrior magazine. And, last, but certainly not least, my thanks goes to everyone who has contributed articles and comments to the magazine and blog over the years. Regardless of the response, your writings and comments have really been good and your ideas have impressed many. May you continue to contribute to the content and quality of these two publications in the years to come!

    • George Arnold says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I second your appreciation for the efforts of all those who have contributed to both publications over the years. Simply put, without those efforts, there wouldn’t be a magazine or a blog. (And both continue to need contributions.)


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