What’s new — Ospreys at a Glance reviews page

Today marks the start of a new feature on the Lone Warrior blog. We’ve added a page called “Ospreys at a Glance,” where blog readers are invited to provide short reviews of any Osprey reference books that they own or otherwise have access to.

Most likely, the name Osprey is familiar to anybody who reads this note. There are hundred of the publications, in a number of different series. Often, it is an Osprey book that starts a gamer on a new period, with uniform descriptions — and color illustrations — along with information about army organization and other helpful material.

This project grew out of discussions between two long-time contributors, Mike Crane and Paul Le Long. Mike and Paul developed the idea, even hammering out a standard format for the mini-reviews. Their hope is that the new blog page will become a fast-expanding data base that blog users can turn to to see if a particular Osprey publication might be of interest. It seems only fitting that two of the first Osprey reviews on the new page are written by Mike and Paul.

But we hope that others will pitch in too. Take a look at the Ospreys at a Glance page itself and you’ll find more information about the page, along with some easy instructions on how to write a short review. Paul reports that reviews can be written in as little as 5-10 minutes.

So pull those Ospreys from your bookshelves and help out your fellow soloists by reviewing some — or all — of your books. It’s easy to do, and you’re invited!


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