A preview of Lone Warrior No. 196

The latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine, No. 196, is being prepared for delivery in the next few days. Here’s an early look at the contents:

  • “Corps Commander (Napoleonic).” Kevin White provides rules for fighting large-scale Napoleonic battles on the table.
  • “Simple Battleship Models.” George Arnold describes how he made some simple pre-dreadnought ship models.
  • “Solo Role-Playing Campaigns.” Preston Shah tells readers how he designs some simple solo games.
  • “Armies of the Russo-Polish War, 1919-1921.” Rob Morgan reviews an Osprey book on the subject and adds suggestions for figures to game the period.
  • “Phased Movement.” The late Walter (Wally) Simon offers some tips on using card decks to randomize movement during games. (From a very early issue of Lone Warrior.)
  • “Meeple HQ.” Paul Le Long has his own ideas for randomizing unit movement.
  • “Shiloh – 1862.” Rich Barbuto explains how he created a game based on The Battle of Shiloh, but not focused on the larger, historical battle. With rules.
  • “I Know Those Orcs …” Jonathan Aird discusses the background of a set of Orc figures that were described in a previous issue of Lone Warrior.

All that, with plenty of color photos, illustrations and more. Coming soon.

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